Mirror Sea

On September 5, 2011, in Lakes, Nature Scenery, Popular Provinces, Sichuan, by Jack Li

Go down along the mountain road, you will arrive at a large valley. In the valley, many trees and grasses grow and a small river quietly flows through it. The Mirror Sea is situated at the end of the river. The both sides of the valley are high mountains. When autumn comes, the colors of autumn dye the mountains. And the colorful mountains reflect on the river, it is really beautiful. The Mirror Sea is long and narrow. It is about 1 kilometer long. It was surrounded by forests. The opposite side of the sea is a cliff which resembles a huge stone screen. The right side of the sea is next to the Nuorilang Sea. The left side of the sea is connected to the valley. The reason why the sea is called as Mirror Sea is that it can reflect sceneries like mirror.

Mirror Sea has three wonders. The first wonder is mentioned above that it can reflect sceneries like mirror. In summer, when it rains, a white water band will appears on the river. Rain could not drop on the band and the water band just as still as mirror. This is the second wonder. The last wonder of Mirror Sea is that many giant trees as long as 20~30 meters float in the river, resembling monsters. That look very scary if you visit Mirror Sea at night.

Jiuzhai Valley

Jack Li

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