Mazha Tomb

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Mazha Tomb is the first ancient religious relic you will see in the south mouth of the Tuyugou Canyon. It is a tomb of ancient saints. The Mazha Toms has a histore of more than 1300 years. Back to the 7th century when Mohammed created Islam, his six disciples came to China to preach their religion. They had been through a harsh and tough trip and finally gotten to Tugugou Canyon. With the help of the local sheepherder, they lived there for a long time and did a very good job on publicizing Islam. After the sheepherder died, the six Islam disciples buried him at the cave. It is now called the Mazha Tomb. There are records in a Germany explorers’ book that even in the early 20th century Moslems still went to the Mazha Tomb and worship. They were from Turkey, India and other countries. Nowadays Moslems from Xinjiang, Ningxing, Qinghai, Gansu, Turkey, Hongkong and Macao come to the Mazha Tomb every year. It is a very important holy land for Islam in Xinjiang. It is also called China’s Mekka.  Before Moslems at the Tuyugou Crayon go to worship at Mekka, they come to Mazha Tomb first.

Tuyugou Canyon

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