Ludi Cave

On September 5, 2011, in Activities, Caves & Canyons, Guilin, More Cities, by Jack Li

The stalactites in the cave were naturally formed. The lines of the stalactites are fluent and seem very grand and magnificent. And under the lamplights, different artistic conceptions are created, making the well-ordered stone pillars, stalagmites, stalactites, stone flat, stone curtains resemble works of art. Those give people colorful imaginary space and artistic enjoyment. The whole cave is an art palace of nature. For example, the vibrant ‘rosy dawn of Lion Mountain’, the powerful ‘flying fall’, the virtuous ‘snow covered pines’, the immense primitive forest’, the gorgeous ‘crystal palace’, the elegant ‘listen to flute’ and stone snowman, stone vegetables, stone fish which are much like real objects. In the cave, you could not only appreciate the beautiful shapes of the stalactites which were created by nature, but also enjoy the beauty of color and artistic conception. Especially ‘crystal palace’ is the most wonderful sight spot. It is the widest place in the cave and the space of it just big enough to play and enjoy the chamber music. Without any help of audio equipment, it can have the effect like concert hall. The closed space, the irregular stone walls of ‘crystal cave’ provide the best condition for the voice reflection. The voice of music is clear and gentle almost without any weakening during the process of spread. This can promote the feature of chamber music reaching the acme. And the beautiful environment of ‘crystal palace’ provides a unique visional space which plays up music appreciation. ‘Crystal palace’ can make people understand the meaning of music and immerse themselves into the music, help them forget worries. It is the paradise of music.

Ludi Cave (Reed Flute Cave)

Jack Li
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