There are four basement islands in the east side of Sayram Lake. The main land is 32 meters higher than the lake and it covers an area of 105 hectares. Some temples were built in islands. In a legend, Sayram Lake was beautiful grassland Lovers int he Middle of Sayram Lake

in the past. A girl named Qida fell in love with a Mongolian boy named Xuedeke. One day when Qida was grazing, the grassland king use violence to her, the girl run away from the king. The king run kept run after Qida, then she throw her jade bracelet to the king and the bracelet fell to the ground. A crack emerged, Qida leaped into it and dead. When Xuedeke knew this, he killed the king. He suffered a great sorrow and leaped into the lake and turned into a small island in the middle of the lake. This is the origin of the lovers in the middle of Sayram Lake. The transparency of the lake is more than 10 meters and it is also one of the famous change color lakes in China. The lake is deep and clear. The color of the lake is blue. Influenced by the terrain of the water bottom and the change of the sky, the lake is colorful and it is always change its color.

Sayram Lake (Sailimu Lake)

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