Longyin Cave

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Longyin Cave is situated on Jiulong Mountain about 980 m above sea level. Around it there are undulating mountains covered in bamboo forests. When wind blows the woods give off a low rustling sound. It reminds people of the roaring of a dragon, so the cave is called “Longyin”, meaning the roaring of the dragon.

Longyin Cave is three kilometers to the northeast of Feicui Corridor. Built in the Ming Dynasty, it covers an area of 450 square metres. It used to have a main hall, a back hall and a side hall. It was renovated in the Qing Dynasty by a monk named Zhanghui, but was torn down in 1959. Now all that is left is the foundation stone, the stair and the stone gate-frame.

In the cave there are 41 Buddhist statues left. In the main hall, three huge statues of Buddhas sit upon the lotus-shaped throne. Unlike the kind and serene Buddhas in other temples, their looks are solemn, serious and mighty. The Arhats lining on the sides are in various postures with different countenances: sitting, standing, smiling, meditating…In the front and the back halls you can find the statues of Maitreya, Goddess of Mercy, Weituo, and Linggong. The statues demonstrate great sculpture skills.

There is another interesting thing about Longyin Cave. On the mountainside out of the back gate of the temple there is a cave called “the Reclining Buddha Cave”. A stone statue of a Buddha lies inside. It is a mystery as to when it was sculpted and why it was put there. However, it is considered propitious because the place is blessed with his presence.

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