Lingbao Tower was named after Mount Lingbao on whose top it stands. It was built in the Song Dynasty and was repaired several times in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The tower is a 38-metre-high square pyramidal brick structure of thirteen stories tapering from bottom to top. Inside there are in fact only five stories. On each floor there are stone Buddha statues placed in shrines and windows for lighting and scenery-viewing. Legend has it that the cremains of Master Haitong, the builder of Leshan Giant Buddha, was secretly enshrined in Lingbao Tower.

Climbing up to the top of the tower, you can get an open distant view of the surroundings. In the south you can spot Scripture Tower and Dongpo Tower; in the west the shiny river rumbles with rapid flows and cloud-piercing mountains loom in the distance; in the north the city of Leshan spreads before your eyes, and rolling mountains extend in the east. The purpose of this tower, in view of the terrain, is to mark the confluence of the three rivers and remind the sailors of turbulent waters. Now, Lingbao Tower has become a landmark of the ancient city of Jiazhou.

The Leshan Giant Buddha

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