Lao Tse Hall

Lao Tse Hall is located on the summit of Qingcheng Mountain towering over 1600m into the sky. The Hall has six floors covering 400m2. The base of the building is square and the top is round suggesting the traditional idea “heaven is round and the earth square”. Every floor has eight protruding angles symbolizes the Eight Diagram in Taoism. The statue of Lao Tse is based on Xu Beihong’s painting, a well-known modern Chinese painter, “Lao Tse Strolling on an Ox”. Lao Tse measures 13.6m and the whole statue with the ox measures 16m. The Hall was built in 1992 adding a delicate touch to the birthplace of Taoism.

Natural Picture Pavilion

The Natural Picture Pavilion is located in the hillside of the Longju Mountain behind the Archway. It is a multiple-eave pavilion built during 1875-1909 to the dimensions of 8.35m x 2.8m x 6.3m. The scenery here is tranquil and delicate like a natural picture. The Pavilion situates between Jianfu Hall and Tianshi Temple with a height of 893m. Visitors can see buildings blended into the natural landscape and the cutting cliffs soaring into the sky, which are connected by “Gods’ Bridge” for legends hold that gods often come here for gatherings. Being in the natural picture of the Qingcheng Mountain, you can have a good rest before go on and appreciate the breath-taking beauty of Qingcheng.

Qingcheng Mountain

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