The Kanas Lake is 1347 meters above sea level. By climbing up 4000 stairs from the west bank you can get up to the Guanyu Pavillon. You can appreciate the whole picture of the Kanas Lake and its six gulfs from this height. The Kanas Lake is 160 kilometers away from the Burqin County. From May to October, there is tour bus. It takes you three hours and a half to get there. In addition, you can also rent a car in front of the passenger station of Burqin County. The average temperature in summer there is from 15℃ to 20℃. You should bring an umbrella and a coat as you may need it. You need a boundary certificate when you rent the car. Just bring one of your credential photos and the car diver will help you with the certificate. The local office charges 2 RMB for each certificate. Generally speaking, there are too many visitors in July and August. So it is a better choice to go there between the end of August and the beginning of September. The first snow of the Kanas Lake usually falls around 20th September.

Best Time to Visit the Kanas Lake:

The annual average temperature of the Kanas is just with January being the coldest month. The average temperature of January is -24℃. You had better take warm clothing with you even in summer. The best time to visit the Kanas Lake is in June and September. In October, it is all snow and ice. People begin to use sledges as the mode of transport. If you are interested in adventures, you can spend the long winter with local villagers. In June, the grass is green and flowers bloom. Once September comes, the autumn in Kanas Lake is called golden autumn. The sky is high and the sky is blue. It is the best time to be taking photos.

Kanas Lake Best Routes


1. Jiadingyu Transit Center—Camel Gulf—Huajiu Valley—Kanas Bridge—Wolong Gulf—Moon Gulf―Kanas Village Transit Center

2. Kanas Village Transit Center—Yaze Lake—Fengqing Park—Pingtan Stage—T-juction Crossing—Village Government—Huan Lake—Police Station(you pass by)—Guanyu Pavilion—Training Center Box Office(you pass by) — Xincun Village—Guanyu Pavilion

Kanas Lake Tickets:

Admission Ticket: 150 RMB. Car Rent:80 RMB for the first time and another 10RMB if you enter the second time.

Minzu Fengqing Park Ticket: 40RMB

Horse Renting: 200 RMB including hiring a stuff for horse feeding.

Boating in the third gulf: 120RMB

Ticket for the sixth gulf: 240 RMB.

Guanyu Pavilion Ticket: 60 RMB for admission and 200 RMB for drifting.

All the tickets in the Kanas Lake can work for two days. Children under 1.2 meters, people above 70 years old, disabled people are free to visit all the Kans Lake. Reporters and students with their credentials can have a 20% price cut.

How to get to the Kanas Lake:

By Plane: The Kanas Airport is to the south of the Kanas Lake, about 50 kilometers away. It is 74 kilometers to the northwest of the Burqin County.

By Railway: There are trains from Urumchi to Beijing, Shanghai, Zhouzhou, Xi An, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Korla. There is an international train between Urumchi to Almaty. There are trains connecting Urumchi, Aksu, Alataw pass, Kuitun and Liuyuan. Take bus 2, 8, 10, 16, 20, 36, 44, 50, 52, 58 to get to the train station. If you want go to the south station, take bus 903, 906, 909 and 915.

By Coach: You can take coaches to go any city in Xinjiang. There are several coach stations for example; Jungong Coach Station, Nanjiao Coach Station, Mingyuan Coach Station, Beijiao Coach Station, Zhanzigou Coach Station. Most buses at the Mingyuan Coach Station are for Karamay and pteroleum base. Beijiao Coach Station has three lines to go to Fukang, Qitai and Jimsar County. In Dianzigou Coach Station you can buy tickets to go to any other city in Xinjiang.

By Car: Wuyi Express is the highway between Urumchi and Yining. The whole route is 696 kilometers long and it usually takes two days from Urumchi to Yuning. Wuka Express is the highway between Urumchi and Kashqar. The whole route is 1474 kilometers long and it usually takes three days from Urumchi to Yuning. The express between Urumchi and Kumul is the west part of Lanxin Express.

By Bus: Buses in Urumchi are charged by the distance you are taking. Most of the buses are without air-conditioner.

By taxi: Taxis charge 6RMB for the first 3 kilometers then 1.3 RMB for each kilometer after the first 3 kilometers.

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