Kanas is a Mongolian word. It means the place of rich beauty and mystery. The Kanas Lake lies in the north of Burqin Country, 180 kilometers away from the town. The lake covers an area of 44.78 square kilometers, which is ten times larger than the well-known Bogota Lake. The deepest part of the Kanas Lake reaches one hundred and ninety-six meters. The lake is clear and green which allows Shadows of the surrounding mountains to be cast in the lake. In addition, colors of the Kanas Lake changes according to the different seasons and weather. The shape of the Kanas Lake is like a peasecod. There are six gulfs in the lake. Each gulf has a story. On the first gulf, there is a huge stone that looks like a sleeping sheep. The best place to appreciate the sunset is on the stage of the third gulf. The fourth gulf is terrific for finding secrets. It is said there are mysterious ‘monsters’ there. To the north of the lake is the delta where there are swamps and wetland.  It is open and wide there surrounded by grass and trees. On the upper stream of the lake, there is a small island. It is very beautiful in autumn. The forest there is the only area which belongs to southern Siberian Vegetation belt. There are so many precious plants in the area like larches, Korean pines, spruces and firs. Other creatures included thirty-nine types of animals, one hundred and seventeen sorts of birds, four kinds of amphibians and reptiles and more than three hundred species of insects. Fish in the lake are very special, for example; Hucho salmon, Jiang cod, Altai sturgeon Altai, Siberia oblique fish and so on. The Hucho salmon is very big. Usually they are two to three meters long and over a hundred kilograms weight. The appearance of fish is a bit red, so it is also called Red fish. Some experts say that the so-called lake monster is just a Hucho salmon.

Kanas Lake story attractions

Changdi Dam

Cloud Sea with Buddhism Light

The Lake That Changes Colors

Tuvas Village

Moon Gulf

Kanas Lake story

1.  Kanas Lake Monsters

Kanas Lake is a beautiful and mysterious alpine lake, which is in the deep forest of the Altai Mountains. It is well known not only because of its nice landscape, but also because of the lake monsters. It is said by the local villagers that, there are huge monsters in the Kanas Lake which were able to spray frogs and move clouds. From ancient times, these monsters keep on appearing. The monsters often ate cows, sheep and horses along the lake bank. In recent years, a lot of tourists and science researchers have been to the top of the mountain to see what these monsters really are. What they saw were a bunch of black creatures swimming slowly in the lake. After some deep research, it turned out that those monsters are red fish. The red fish is a species that can live in the cold deep water for more than 200 years. Their movement is not normal. So it is hard for fishermen to follow their tracks.

2.  Bamboo Flute Song
It is said that every night when it is very quiet and the moon has risen, there is always nice music coming out from the lake. That’s because there used to be a handsome young shepherd. He was very good at playing the bamboo flute. One day, he met a pretty princess who was a great singer at the same time. They fell in love with each other at first sight. The princess’ father was strongly against them together. He asked the young man many hard questions, but he answered them correctly one by one. Then the king had the worst idea. He asked the young man to encircle the whole lake within one day which was impossible. That was more than one hundred kilometers and the road was not flat. There are many violent wild animals in the forests. When the young man heard this requirement, he did not say anything. He took the challenge on bravely for his loved one. The king was happy as he knew that he would not succeed. The princess was worried about his father’s conspiracy. She walked into the forest from the other side immediately. They met each other at the road of the lake after one day of walking. Then they lived happily ever after. From then on, villagers near the lake could hear songs played by the bamboo flute. That was the young man. He did it each night for the princess.

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