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There are modern maritime glaciers and Snow Sea distributing on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which is the nearest to the equator on Eurasia. The snow mountain has completen tyes of glaciers, where grows 19 modern glaciers and occupies 11.61 square kilometers. The “No 1 Baishui” is the most qualified glacier with the best touring condition at present. It is as long as 2.7 kilometers and located just under the main peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain—Shanzi Dou. Looked from the foot of the mountain, the glacier is like a waterfall hanging the skyline, very amazing.

Kala Patters near the glacier tongue look like several knives straightly pointing to the sky. With the shining of sunshine, they look green rather than white, as if several huge jade inlaying among jagged rocks of grotesque shapes. This sight is what the late former vice-president of Taiwan Palace Museum called “green snow and strange peaks”.

Going closer to the glacier, you can hear bicker from an icy river formed by melting of the glacier. Sanzi Dou in the front brust out several big sounds, that are sounds of avalanche, like rolling snow bulls. Since thousands of years ago, Sanzi Dou has supplied a steady flow of new snow for the glacier.

The constantly changed snow mountain has snow flakes flutter all over the sky now and then, which makes people have difficulty in taking a step; sometimes, it looks like a rising wind and scudding clouds, making people feel a little cold; sometimes, a brilliant sun casts a thousand beams, making people feel as if being cut off from the outside world for ages and be filled with complicated emotions.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jack Li

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