Situated in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Nationality autonomous area, JiuzhaiValley is one of the most famous spot in Sichuan province. Being composed of nine villages is the reason why it is known as Jiuzhai (Nine Villages) Valley.  It is said that the god who was in charge of vegetation owned nine brave, kind and beautiful daughters.  They came to the man’s world to prevent the snake devil from poisoning the river and threatening local people’s safety.  When they defeated the devil, they got married with nine local Tibetan boys.  The nine couples got together to rebuild their homeland and formed nine tribes gradually.  The nine tribes are current Jiuzhai Valley.

Jiuzhai Valley with an altitude of 2,000 to 3,000 meters belongs to carbonate barrage landscape.  Well known for Cui Sea, Die Sea, Colorful Forest, Snow Mountain and Tibetan Customs, the Jiuzhai Valley is accredited as “wonderland” and “Fairy World”.  Covering an area of more than sixty thousand square meters, the six main attractions, including Long Sea, Jian Rock, Nuorilang, Shuzheng, Zharu and Black Sea, are in a shape of “Y”.  As the most beautiful scenery in Jiuzhai Valley, the waterscape which contains 108 springs, falls and rivers is limpid and colorful.  Seen from far away, water flows through trees; trees grow in the water.  Having a good association of activity and inertia, it is also known as the king waterscapes of the world.  In 1992, Jiuzhai Valley is figured into the World Natural Heritage List.  Ranking as the world-class scenery, Jiuzhai Valley becomes a dreamlike world for the visitors from all over the world.

Jiuzhai Valley Attractions

Ruorilang Waterfall

Pearl Beach

Five—color Pool

Reed Lake

Mirror Sea

Jiuzhai Valley Storys

1. The Story of Wolong (Lying Dragon) Sea

The small and delicate Wolong Sea is a reprehensive of blue lakes.  The thick blue color and peaceful surface make it a crystal clear gemstone.  It is said that there was a black dragon living in the Black Sea of Jiuzhai Valley.  Raining one time, it asked local people to sacrifice him for ninety nine days.  The white dragon sympathized with the civilian so much that it decided to send water to Jiuzhai Valley.  Up receiving the news, the black dragon came out to prevent it.  Unfortunately, the white dragon sunk to the bottom of the lank when it fought with the black dragon.  Though the god of mountains defeated the black dragon at last, the white dragon is too weak to come out.

So it changed its color to yellow and made his determination to lie on the lake bottom forever.  To memorize it, the lake which it lied on was named as Wolong Sea.

2. The Story of Jiuzhai Valley

It is said that Dage and Semo were lovers in Jiuzhai Valley.  One year, Snow Mountain King destroyed the lake which led to Jiuzhai Valley.  After having learnt that only the green gemstone could help, Dage climbed on the Snow Mountain to find the magic gemstone to resume the lake.  A cup of magic potion which was given by the mountain king made him forget his former lover and fall in love with the king’s daughter, snow princess.  Semo was too sad to accept the truth.  Hot tears ran down from her eyes endlessly.  Finally, her tears recalled Dage’s memory and touched the princess.  With the princess’s help, they found out the green gemstone and decided to go back to resume the lake.   The angry king tried to stop them.  To defend him, Dage and Semo swallowed the green gemstone at once, and then changed into two high mountains.  From then on, Local people will sacrifice them every year, especially when they have joys such as wedding and festival or disasters.

3. The Story of Rhinoceros Sea.

The Rhinoceros Sea is extremely large.  Surrounded by vibrant reeds on the north and forest on the west, decorated by silvery waterfall, the sea’s surface make visitors enjoy it.  There is an old story about it.  It is said that an aged Tibetan Lama who was in poor health crossed the sea with his rhino.  To his surprise, his disease was recovered magically after drinking the lake water.  He was so happy that he drank the water every day and settled down in the sea with his rhino.  According to this legend, the sea was known as Rhinoceros Sea since then.

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