Jinci Temple

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Jinci is a must-see in Taiyuan City. People also say that “Not going Jinci temple when you are in Taiyuan is like not going to the Forbidden City when you are in Beijing.” It situates in 25km away from downtown Taiyuan, Xuanweng Mountain. The Temple is under special protection of the state attracting visitors all over the world. The ancient trees soar to unbelievable heights. It is in compound with hall, pavilions, and towers. The Saintly Mother’s Hall, built from 1023 to 1032 during the Song Dynasty, is the most magnificent and oldest building remains of ancient in Jinci Temple. Jinci Temple is fine combination of natural landscape and architecture. The main buildings are distributed along the central axis from east to west. All the buildings are in compact and designed strictly according to traditional style. The cypresses grown in the Zhou Dynasty and pagoda trees of the Sui Dynasty are still vigorous, lush and exuberant.

Jinci Temple Attractions

The Buddhist Relics Tower

Everlasting Spring

Water Mirror Stage

Jinci Temple Stories

1.   Fengsheng Temple Pagoda Tree

Around the Fengsheng Temple there stands a giant centuries-old pagoda tree. The trunk is crooked but the branches are young and tender. Story has it the tree was old and dead until 1756, the Qing Dynasty. A Taoist priest was selling plaster under this tree claiming that it is panacea. However, no matter how hard he tried to sell his medicine no one cast a look at it. Disappointed and upset, he pasted the plaster on the dry bark of the dead pagoda tree. Miracle happened several months later: the tree began to branch out again! Nonetheless, it is probably just happened to come to itself after hundreds of years of sleep.

2The Iron man in the Jinci Temple

It is said that in a hot summer, an iron man wanted to cross the Fen River. When he was stranded in the heat by the river bank, he noticed that a boat coming from downstream. He waved and asked the boatman to carry him across the river. “All right. But I’ll wait and see if there’re other people want to cross the river. It’ll be such a waste to carry just you.” “Really? I’m wondering is you’re skillful enough to carry just me!” “How much do you weigh? I can ferry dozens of people except that you’re made of iron.” To the boatman’s surprise, the man began to freeze right in front him and the man looked rather familiar! The man was the iron man in the Jinci Temple. The boatman gathered some fellow villagers to carry the iron man back to the Temple. The Buddha commanded him to be whipped on his feet. Today the scars still can be seen on the statue’s feet.

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