Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is located in Yulong Naxi autonomous county, 15 kilometers away from Lijiang city, with the height of 5596 meters. It is a national 5A level scenic site as well as a natural reserve of Yunan Province. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is rich in travelling resources. The landscapes can be divided into snow area, glacier, alpine meadow, virgin forest and snow mountain.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is famous for its danger, rarity, beauty and elegance. It is magnificent as well as exquisite and changeable as the seasons and weather change. Sometimes covered by rosy cloud, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is partly hidden and partly visible; sometimes under the cloudless sky, it is sparkling and crystal-clear; sometimes partly covered by cloud, the part above cloud is bright and clear while the part under cloud is totally green; sometimes sunglow shining upon Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, it is like wearing a red yarn, extremely charming.

The difference in temperature is quite distinct between the foot of the mountain and the top. The vegetative cover reflects the difference most. The whole mountain integrates all kinds of natural landscapes of subtropical zone, temperate zone and frigid zone, which form the main landscape of the unique “The Spring Snow”. After rain or snow, the snow is exceptionally white while the pine trees are extremely green as if the white snow and green pine trees are playing hide- and – seek. The snow is green rather than white, which is extraordinarily tremendous, therefore comes the famous saying “Green Snow and Peculiar Mountain”.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a sacred mountain in all the people of Naxi nationality and people in Lijiang. The angel of Naxi nationality “San Duo” is the avatar of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, so nowadays the grand “San Duo Festival” is held once a year in Lijiang. During Tang Dynasty, the lord of Nanzhao once conferred the title “Northern Mountain” upon Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and now in Baisha Village, we can also find the temple of “Northern Mountain”, which is still deep and quiet and the Buddha statue in it is shining. There are a lot of pilgrims on the way. During Yuan Dynasty, when Kublai Khan (the fifth emperor of Yuan Dynasty) came to Lijiang, he gave the title “Holy Snow Northern Mountain”. Relying on its attractive landscape, mysterious stories and a virgin mountain which has not been conquered by people, numerous people have a deep longing for Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Attractions

Spruce Meadow

Kala Patter

Gan Haizi Meadow

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Story

1. Legend of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain are twin brothers. They depend on each other for survival and support their life by washing gold by Jinsha River. One day from the North came a vicious devil, which forcibly occupy Jinsha River and did not allow people to wash gold. Jade Dragon and Haba got furious and fight with the devil. The younger brother Haba was too weak and was chopped off the head while the brother Jade Dragon fought with the devil for two days and three nights, breaking 13 swords and finally drove the devil away. From then on, the younger brother Haba turned into the headless Haba Snow Mountain while the brother Jade Dragon, to protect another attack of the devil, held the 13 swords high all day and night and changed into 13 snow mountains. Jade Dragon is regarded as the external symbol of Naxi nationality while the legendary Jade Dragon hero is the symbol the spirit of Naxi nationality. That is why the angel of Naxi nationality “San Duo” is the avatar of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

2. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jinsha River, Nujiang River, Lantsang River, Jade Dragon Mountain and Haba Mountain are brothers and sisters. The three sisters had grown up and went out to choose husbands. Their parents were worried and angry and let Jade Dragon and Haba to catch up with their sisters. Jade Dragon with 13 swords and Haba with 12 bows and arrows, they cut corner and came to Lijiang. They took turns to scout and agreed on that whoever released the three sisters would be chopped of the head. When Haba watched for and Jade Dragon slept, Jinsha River came. She walked slightly so that to sidestep his brothers and then suddenly she sang a beautiful song. The song was so beautiful that Haba was addicted in it and fell asleep. She kept singing until she passed her two brothers. When Jade Dragon woke up and saw the scene, he was angry and sad. He was angry because Jinsha River had left. He was sad because Haba would be chopped off head. He could not violate their agreement, so he chopped off the Haba’s head slowly and cried loudly. His tears turned into black and white water while the 12 bows and arrows turned into the 24 twists on the both banks of Hutiao Gorge. Haba’s head fell into the river and turned to the Hutiao Stone.

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