The altitude of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is so high that it is necessary for tourists to rent down jackets when the wind is strong. You’d better not rent it at places where provide green cars, which is more expensive than that on the mountain, taking 30 yuan as rental and 300 yuan as deposit per jacket. It is a better choice to rent the jacket after taking green car and arriving at ropeway station on 3356 meters or 4506 meters. In addition, some hostels in Lijiang Old City provide cost-free down jackets for their customers. They also help customers to book tickets of ropeway in case of waiting in line to buy tickets on the mountain; however, tourists still need to wait in line if they choose the big ropeway.

The snow mountain has quite different landscapes in four seasons. Tourists can only pay a visit when the weather is fine and there is a little cloud and mist, because the snow mountain is often warded of by mist. There is a joke saying that you can only see snow worthy of 50 yuan if you visit at that time although you have actually spent 500 yuan. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain has the most magnificent sight in winter, because cold air is warded off by the mountain and forms large-scale accumulated snow. That’s also why Lijiang Old City can be warm and the sun shines brightly in winter.

Best time to visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

From February to June

On Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the yearly average temerature is 11.3 ℃, the average temperature of the colddest month is 3℃ while the average temperature of the hottest month is 17℃. The yearly precipitation of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is about 1000~1200mm; the rainfalls mainly come during June to October, taking up 80% of the overall precipitation of a year. However, there is few rainfalls during Novermber to Apirl of the next year.

The best time to visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is winter. In summer and antumn, you can not see accumulated snow on that altitude, because thousands of tourists have arrived there, changed ecological environment of area and the snow line has obviously moved up. Only by ropeway can tourists arrive at the top of the big ropeway, it is impossible to reach by riding a hinny or by walking.

Yulong Snow Mountain Best Routes

One typical travel route is Lijiang—Ganhaizi—Baishui River—Yun Shanping. At Baishui River, you can take the Yun Shanping Ropeway to climb on the mountain. You had better not ride a horse here; all programs about riding a horse to the mountain turn out to be traps, you can’t see any sights on the way.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Tickets

  1. Set ticket: Big Jade Dragon through ticket: 190 yuan (includes the entrance of the mountain, Dongba Valley, Jade Pillars, Yushui Village, Yufeng Temple and Dongba Kingdom, only Dongba Valley, Yushui Village and Yufeng Temple are recommended)
  2. Individual tourist: the entrance ticket: 105 yuan (you can buy individual ticket of any sight).

The maintenance cost of Lijiang Old City: 80 yuan

Students and armymen: half price, other certificates are invalid.

The big ropeway of Glacier Park: 172 yuan

The smaller ropeway of Yunshan Ping: 55 yuan

The middle-size ropeway of Maoniu Ping: 60 yuan

How to get to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

  1. If you take the chartered bus, it takes 60~100 yuan per day;
  2. Take No7 Bus to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain at the Red Sun Square next to Dashuiche, takes 15 yuan/person;
  3. Take the bus of the ropeway company, which departs at the Guluwan Hotel every morning.

Transportation of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (three ropeways)

  1. Glacier park: 3 kilometers long ropeway; tickets: 110yuan;reach the altitude of 4506 meters, as well as the snow line)
  2. Yunshan Ping Ropeway: the smaller ropeway:40 yuan; Maoniu Ping Ropeway: 65yuan
  3. The big ropeway: directly reach the mountain peak, tourists should wait in line to buy tickets (takes four to five hours in peak-season ,so needs patience and enough mental preparation). The temperature on the mountain is so low that you are suggested to rent a down jacket at the foot of the mountain (30 yuan per jacket). The altitude of the mountain is so high that tourists who have heart troubles ought not to cimb on. In case of oxygen deficit on the mountin, you’d better prepare an air tank.


  1. If you set out in Lijiang Old City, you can take No7 Bus at Yunshan Ping and get off at the big ropeway, which takes 10 yuan; it takes about 100~150 yuan by taxi.
  2. Tickets of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: 40 yuan (students: half price)

Tickets of the ropeway: 110 yuan (need to book in Lijiang Old City)

  1. Self-service tourists can take the bus to Daju besides Red Sun Hotel at 8am, then get off at Yunshan Ping (ticket: 10 yuan). Or take the bus of Lijiang Bus Transportation Company to Daju, then get off at Yunshan Ping, which takes 30~40 minutes.

Tourists who don’t have too much time can take a taxi at the opposite of Yuquan Hotel, but it is important to decide the specific time and price of the round trip.

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