Hall of Pure Trinity

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Hall of Pure Trinity is a Taoist temple which is located in the mountain side of West Mountain in Kunming. It was originally an imperial palace for short stays away from the capital in hot summer days for Liang Wang in Yuan Dynasty. Then it was transformed into Pavilion of Jade Emperor in the beginning of Ming Dynasty. In the next few years, Hall of Divine Inspiration, Hall of Pure Trinity, Sanfeng Palace, Lvzu Palace, Yuan Emperor Palace, Zhenwu Palace, Qizhen Palace, Zhangxian Palace, Laojun Palace, Baoyi Palace, Feiyun Pavilion, Doumu Pavion were built in succession. These palaces stand tier upon tier and arranged in close order with outstanding features.

Above Hall of Pure Trinity is the Longmen Grottoes, which was cut on steep precipices and cliffs of Luohan Mountain. There are 22 Taoist statues in total, being the largest Taoist grottoes in Yunnan Province. Hall of Pure Trinity was firstly a pavilion for Liangwang to spend hot summer days; then it gradually developed into a recessed cliff architecture complex with rise of Taoist palaces. If you ascend the stairs from Longmen Village under the cliff, look up 1000 wandering stone steps, you will have a special feeling.

Because Hall of Pure Trinity was built on cliff, it seems that the air castle of Taoist immortals is just in front of your eyes and it looks like carved beams and painted rafters. There are many bizarre stones and artful holes in the architecture complex, the most interesting of which is called “Obedient Cow Spring”. It was said that once upon a time, a butcher lived at the foot of the mountain. One day, when he tried to slaughter a cow, a calf suddenly snapped the butcher’s knife and rushed to the mountain. When arriving at “Obedient Cow Spring”, it weighed down the knife with its small body. Seeing the scene, the butcher returned with complex feelings and set the cow free. From then on, the spring has been called “Obedient Cow Spring”.

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