Haizi Ditch

On September 5, 2011, in Lakes, Mountain Areas, Popular Provinces, Sichuan, by Jack Li

The Haizi Ditch is 19.2 kilometers long. Its total area is 126.48 square kilometers. In the ditch have over ten lakes. The lakes are so clean that you can see the bottoms of the lakes. The lakes reflect the beautiful colors of the blue sky, white clouds and green mountains. The fishes in the lakes have no scales, because the fishes belong to ancient species which have not evolved completely. The fishes are ‘living fossil’ to realize the history of this land. Stand beside the lakes, watch yellow ducks flying, listen to the beautiful singing of birds, you would forget all your worries and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The Haizi Ditch is the most beautiful ditch among the three ditches in the Fourth Girl Mountain. Its sceneries are totally different from other ditches. The first half part mostly is mountains and meadows. The first half part is the best spot to enjoy the sceneries of the Fourth Girls Mountain. And every year, the local people hold solemn ceremony to worship the Fourth Girl Mountain. The after half part mostly is lakes. Because the distance is too long and the height is too high, a few people could arrive there. But the sceneries in the after half part are amazing, you should not miss it.

Four Girls Mountains

Jack Li

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