Gandanpozhang Palace

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Gandanpozhang Palace is bed room of Dalai Lama in Drepung Monastery. Before Potala Palace was built, the Fifth Dalai Lama had been lived there. At the period, he was the political and religious head in Tibet. So Gandanpozhang also is symbol of the Tibeten government. Gandanpozhang Palace was built in 1530. There are seven floors in the palace. The architectures are divided into three parts, the front part, the middle part and the back park. In the front part, there are many store rooms. Dalai Lama lined on the seven floor. There is a scripture hall, a bed room, a lecture room and a living room there. Besides there, there are another two halls, Zhuoma Hall and Hufashen Hall. The Palace has a special room for the mummification of an innocent young girl. It is said she was put to death by a siren. Then people regarded her as a lucky goddess. The third floor is very magnificent. There are Buddha statues there. After the fifth Dalai Lama, the government offices were not there anymore.

Drepung Monastery (Zhebingsi)

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