Fuli Bridge

Fuli Bridge is 500 meters away from Yulong Bridge, which is oval-shaped. The bridge floor, railings and steps are all made of noselite. The bridge was constructed during the period of Yongle Emperor of Ming Dynasty, with a history of over 500 years, which is one of the ancient bridges of Yangshuo. It is 30 meters long, 5 meters wide, 10 meters high. There is an ancient tree on either end of the bridge. As the length and height of the bridge are similar, watching it from a long distance, the bridge arch and its reflections connect with each other like a full moon. On the bridge, you can see the most attractive scene of fields and gardens. Standing on the bridge and look around, you will find this place surrounded by green mountains and waters, totally a beautiful view of southland.

Xiangui Bridge

Xiangui Bridge, a stone arch bridge over a branch of Yulong River, is the most ancient bridge of Guangxi. It is 2.2 meters high, 26 meters long and 4 meters wide. Built in the fifth year of Song Xuhe(1123A.D.), the bridge structure is quite unique, which adopts uncommon paralleled-ordered bricks, using nine pairs of stones to build the bridge arch. Totally it is constructed by 281 blocks of bricks in paralleled order. Not only the structure of it is unique, but also the stone inscriptions on the inside part of the bridge arch are precious materials for studying the culture of Yulong River. The bridge remains excellent without any damage after over 800 years of erosion of winds and rains and lash of floods.

Yulong River

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