Four Zhacang (Buddhist College)

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Zhacang is a unit of Gelupai Temple which is used for learn scripture. It is also following the Cuoqing (a unit of temple). The Drepung Monastery had seven Zhacang in the past and they were charged by the seven disciples of Jiangyang Qujie. However, there are more and more monks came here and the seven Zhacang combined into four which including Luo cycolin, Guo mang, Deyang and A ba.

Guo Cycolin Zhacang:

It is the largest Zhacang in the Drepung Monastery. It covers an area of 1860 Square meters and divided into two parts, the Scripture Hall and the Buddha Temple. The Scripture Hall has 102 pillars and the area is 1053 square meters. The scripture shelves against the walls and about 60 meters long. All kinds of classical scripture are on the shelves. The Qiangba Buddha Temple is behind the hall. The temple has three rooms and connected with each other. There are many Buddha statues there. The monks in this Zhangcang are the most. They come from Kang District and Yunan Province. The Zhacang has 23 Kangcun (a unit under Zhangcang).

Guo mang Zhacang:

The Guo mang Zhacang also has a Scripture Hall and a Buddha Temple and has 102 pillars. The Buddha Exhibition composed with three parts, they are Ba Lakang, Minzhu Lakang and Zhuoma Lakang. The Zhacang has 16 Kangcun. There are many Micun under the Kangcun (Micun is a unit under the Kangcun).

Dezha Zhacang:

The Dezha Zhacang is the smallest Zhacang and covers an area of 375 square meters. The Buddha Temple is behind the Scripture Hall.

A Ba Zhacang:

A Ba Zhacang is the Esoteric Buddhism College of Drepung Monastery. It is located in the right of the Cuoqin Palace and is a closed yard. There are many monks’ rooms around the yard. The Scripture has 48 pillars and covers an area of 467 square meters. The religious paintings on the walls are attractive.

Drepung Monastery (Zhebingsi)

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