Four Girls Mountains

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Four Girls Mountains is situated in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang region. It consists of four ice-covered mountains, which resemble four beautiful girls who wore white veils. And the youngest girl is slim with a graceful posture. When people mention the Four Girls Mountains, it usually refers to the youngest girl mountain. The local Tibetans worship the Four Girls Mountains, because it was said that four beautiful girls sacrificed themselves in order to protect pandas, after they died, their bodies became the Four Girls Mountains.

To the east of the Four Girls Mountains is the wild Mingjiang; the west is Dadu River, which is known as ‘natural barrier’. The weather in the valley is very warm with abundant rainfall; glaciers surround the hillside; the peak of the mountains is very steep and covered with snow. The Four Girls Mountains provide a good environment to plants and animals. It has precious trees and rare Chinese medicinal crops. And in the valley of the Four Girls Mountains, apple and pear trees are gown. The famous Wolong Panda Nature Reserve is also situated in the Four Girls Mountains.

The Four Girls Mountains is famous for its height and beautiful sceneries. It is called as ‘China’s Alps’. It attracts many climbers from home and abroad.

Four Girls Mountains Attractions:

Shuangqiao Ditch

Changping Ditch

Haizi Ditch

The First Girl Mountain

Four Girls Mountain Story

In Tibetan, Four Girls Mountains is called ‘Sigelaroda’ which means ‘the mountain god.’ The legend said that a long time ago, there was a mountain god who lived in the west who was kindhearted and hardworking. He has four beautiful daughters. Their neighbor, Mai Erdo was also a mountain god, but he was very insidious. He wanted to marry all the four girls. So he challenged the girls’ father to a duel and said, ‘whoever loses should give all his fortunes to the other’. The girls’ father didn’t want to fight with him, because he was too old to win. But Mai Erdo insisted on fighting, after several times, the girls’ father was killed in a field. Mai Erdo occupied the fortunes and forced the four girls to be his wives. The four girls preferred to die than marry him, so they ran away at night.

Unfortunately they were met with heavy snow, and they didn’t carry enough clothes to stay warm, so they died in cold. In the morning of the second day, a hunter found their bodies and buried them in snow. Afterwards the four graves became four mountains. Since then people called it ‘Four Girls Mountains’.

Although the four girls became mountains, they could hear poor people’s wishes. So they used magical power to change people’s lives. The four girls’ beautiful dresses became plants and flowers to fill the valley, so people could feed sheep and horses there; their pearl necklaces became the rare Chinese medicinal crops; they changed winter into spring, so there were no more droughts; their hairs changed into forests to provide shade; their beautiful voice became singing birds. All the four girls’ wished was that the people lived here could have happy lives.

In memory of the four girls, people would get together every April. They dress up then dance and sing under the Four Girls Mountains.

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