Four Girls Mountains Travel Tips

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The three main attractions in Four Girls Mountains are Changping Ditch, Shuangqiao Ditch and Haizi Ditch.  Meanwhile, Changping Ditch has been developed as an attraction for many years.  It contains forests, gorges and Snow Mountain.  Horses are the main transportation in the scene spot.  Compared with general appreciation, visitors prefer the involved trip in Changping Ditch.  The feeling of passing through the original forest, streams and Snow Mountain by horse and going forward according to your own willing is really cool.  Of course, the expenses of horses will increase as the journey lengthens.

Best time to visit Four Girls Mountains

The best time to visit Four Girls Mountains is from July to October.  When the spring is coming, the whole mountains which are full of wild flowers are quite attractive.  In autumn, the picturesque of Four Girls Mountains is as beautiful as a cup of good wine.

Four Girls Mountains Tickets

Entrance ticket in boom season: Changping Ditch, 70RMB/person; Shuangqiao Ditch, 80RMB/person; Haizi Ditch, 60RMB/person.

Entrance ticket in slack season: ChangpingDitch, 50RMB/person; Shuangqiao Ditch, 50RMB/person; Haizi Ditch, 40RMB/person.

Sightseeing ticket in boom season: Changping Ditch, 20RMB/person; Shuangqiao Ditch, 80RMB/person.

Sightseeing ticket in slack season: Changping Ditch, 20RMB/person; Shuangqiao Ditch, 60RMB/person.

(Note: boom season is from April to November; slack season is from December to March)

Four Girls Mountain Traffic

There are buses departing to Four Girls Mountain everyday from Chadianzi Passenger Transport Center of Chengdu.  The Departure time is 6:30am, 7:30am and 12:00.  It will take you about 5 hours to get there.  And the ticket is 64RMB/person.

Traffic inside the mountains:

1.  By bus: To protect the environment, the non polluted sightseeing buses in this scene spot use natural gas as fuel.  However, because of the road’s condition, the buses yare just available in Shuangqiao Ditch.  The ticket is 80RMB/person.  You can get on or get off the bus wherever you want.

2.  By horse: Visitors can enjoy riding horses in Changping and Haizi Ditch.  If you don’t have any experience of riding a horse, hiring a groom is recommended.

On foot: if you want to savor the beautiful and magnificence natural scenery, the best choice is on foot.

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