The wealthiest family in Dongzha was the Jin Family. Nowadays their residences become the vivid record of the life in southern China. In the museum you can see different folk customs about birthdays, marriage, spring festivals and so on in Wuzhen from the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic. Elegant wax statues played the dramas about the daily life in Wuzhen. From that you can feel people’s best wishes to life. In the clothes custom hall, it used relics, wax statues and pictures to show what and how people wear one hundred years ago. The clothing combined Chinese traditional style and western style. It could be seen as an epitome of history. The festivals hall introduces the various activities people would do in different festivals in detail. For example, in Lantern Festival, people would across bridges; in Double Nine Festival, people would climb mountains. In the marriage custom hall, it showed the marriage ceremony and the whole process of getting married in ancient China. In birthday custom hall, the theme is the celebration of older peoples’ birthdays. The objects should be prepared for birthday parties are displayed in the hall. It showed the Chinese tradition to respect the elderly.


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