Five–color Pool

On September 5, 2011, in Nature Scenery, Sichuan, Waterfalls & Pools, by Jack Li

Hidden inside the dense forest, the Five—color Pool is the smallest but most gorgeous pool in the Jiuzhai Valley.  Being famous for its colorful and pure water in the world, the pool covers an area of 5645sqm.  Supplied by the Long Sea from underground, no matter how cold it is and how heavily it rains, the Five—color Pool with an altitude of 2995m still keep its original appearance.  As the essence of Jiuzhai Valley Scene Spot, the pool densely covers with various phytobiocoenose such as Spirogyra, stonewort, fern and other herbages.  Because of containing different kinds of Chlorophyll, these plants present the different colors in the pool.  As a result, some waters are blue; some are light green; some are yellow; others are pink.   Especially under sunshine, constant red, golden and blue spoondrifts are splashed by small stones or a burst of wind.

Jiuzhai Valley

Jack Li

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