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The dignified and unsophisticated Feiluan Bridge is the first attractions when you arrive in Ludi Cave Scenic Spot.  Also called as Feilong Bridge, it is located on the crossover point of Taohua River and Ludi Road.  The bridge has a length of 62.4m and a width of 10.5m.  Bricked by black limestone, the bridge arch on the west side has 14 small arches to reduce the flood’s rash and the pressure of upside.  It is said that a village, named as Xiao’s village, was situated nearby the Taohua River.  Because its dam was destroyed by the flood every spring, people couldn’t go across the river and have to renovate it again and again.  All of them hoped to build a bridge so that they didn’t need to worry about the flood.  Finally, they decided to realize that dream.  Walking along the river and observed carefully, the stoneman picked a high point above the bam as abutment.  Before starting this construction, people killed chicken to memorize Lu Ban (the Chinese master carpenter).  To their surprise, the black chicken suddenly flied away during the slaughter.  At the same time, its tail was longer and longer; feathers became colorful and sparkling.  It didn’t stop flying until people found it beside the river.  However, it was not a chicken any more.  It changed to a beautiful male phoenix.  The villagers were confused but for an aged.  He said that maybe the phoenix was appointed by Lu Ban and the bridge should be situated there.  Hearing that, the phoenix flied to south with a colorful cloud.  Villagers followed the aged’s suggestion and constructed the bridge on the landing point of the phoenix.  Because of this story, the bridge was called as Feiluan (male phoenix) Bridge from then on.

Ludi Cave (Reed Flute Cave)

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