Drepung Monastery (Zhebingsi)

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Drepung Monastery is on the south slop of Genpeiwuzi Mountain which is ten kilometers away from Lhasa. It is built in 1416 by Jamyang Choge Tashi Palden (1397–1449), one of Tsongkhapa’s main disciples, and it was named after the sacred abode in South India of Shridhanyakataka. Drepung Monastery is one of six Tibetan Buddhism Temples and the biggest temple in the world. Before 1949, there were over ten thousand lamas there. The Genpeiwuzi Mountain is ten kilometers to the west of Lhasa. It is three thousand, eight hundred meters above sea level. Drepung Monastery covers an area of 200,000 square meters with seven colleges. It was firstly named Baiding Drepung Monastery. Then it changed to just Drepund Monastery. Drepung was divided into seven great colleges: Gomang (sGo-mang), Loseling (Blo-gsal gling), Deyang (bDe-dbyangs), Shagkor (Shag-skor), Gyelwa (rGyal-ba) or Tosamling (Thos-bsam gling), Dulwa (‘Dul-ba), and Ngagpa (sNgags-pa). Since 1464, Buddhist classics have been imparted there. Lamas in the Drepung Monastery are very kind. You can invite some of them to tour around the monastery with you. They can explain a lot of history of the Drepung Monatery. The seven colleges merged into four colleges. Most of the buildings in the Drepung Monastery were built during the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644) and the Qing Dynasty (1636 -1911). The Dajing Hall in the Drepund Monastery is very magnificent. There are one hundred and eighty-three pillars holding the hall. The sculptures on those pillars are exquisite. In the hall, there are Buddhist statues and paintings on the walls.

Drepung Monastery attractions

Cuoqin Palace

Four Zhacang

Gandanpozhang Palace

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