Cuoqin Palace

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Cuoqin Palace is the main architecture of the Drepung Monastery. Cuoqin Palace is in the middle of the Drepung Monastery, covering an area of four thousand, five hundred square meters. In front of the hall, there is a plaza. It takes seventeen wide stone stairs to get to the hall. The hall is held by eight pillars. The scripture room of the hall is truely magnificent with gorgeous decorations. The room covers an area of one thousand, eight hundred square meters. There are in all one hundred, eighty-three pillars holding the room. The statues in the hall are very vivid for example; statues called Dawenshu and White Umbrella in the middle of the hall. The main religious symbol, Dextral Discus is worshiped in the Cuoqin Palace. It is sent there when the Drepung Monastery started to be built. The Dextral Discus was cherished by the local people and regarded as an important treasure. The Lingta of the second, third, fourth Dalai Lamas are kept in the Cuoqin Palace. On the walls of the cuoqin Palace, there are hanging paintings. On the east of the palace, there is a very small cave called Rangjiongma. It is the earliest architecture in the Drepung Monastery.

Drepung Monastery (Zhebingsi)

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