China is notorious to the western world for being cheap. However, away from the markets and towards the highstreet and designer brands, you will be digging deep into your pockets to spend every last yuan with the exciting colours and fabrics that are avaliable! A Beijing tour is not complete without a day at the beautiful malls and experiencing Chinese fashion at its best. Beijing is no doubt one of the up and coming fashion capitals of the world and you are constantly surrounded by beautiful girls in unique clothes complete with weird and wonderful accessories and men in stylish get-ups that will make any fashionista jealous. So hop on a Chinese flight at get your wallets and purses at the ready!


Xidan is the ultimate shopping district and home to the infamous “Joy City” where there are a variety of shops from popular Chinese brands like and Sanrio Vivitix (the makers of Hello Kitty) to familiar UK brands such as Oasis and an even the Arsenal football team shop! Joy City is without doubt a…joyful… place to shop. It is the place where the local fashionable Beijingers shop who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the markets and have a bit more of a disposable income. Situated on 13 floors, this mall boasts having the largest digital cinema in China and the world’s longest escalator. To add to the fun of your shopping experience, there are mirrors bent into waves along some sides of the mall, reminiscent to that of a fun-house where your body’s image is twisted and contorted into all sorts of shapes and will leave you and your friends amused. After a couple of hours of hard shopping, it is time to visit one of the numerous food courts. A personal favourite of mine is a restaurant  “Babela’s Kitchen” where the menu is as thick as a book! They serve everything you could possibly imagine, suiting every palette  from pasta bakes to Chinese curried rice, all of it being reasonably priced and with excellent customer service. Their smoothie and Chinese tea selection are delicious.

Another lively shopping district is Sanlitun Village. This district is surrounded by a buzzing nightlife full of exciting bars and clubs as well as being in close proximity of the infamous Yashow market for those who want to get a bargain. The village is simply divided intotwo sections: The south being for high street brands and includes an apple store, 30 gourmet restaurants and a multi-plex cinema; and the north including more high-end fashion designers including Armani and Balenciaga, leaving every shopper satisfied and suiting their budgets.
For those with expensive taste. The China World Mall is home to all things glizty and glamorous. Just a few steps away from Guomao
subway station, you are standing amongst designers such as Tiffany & Co, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. The latest Mulberry Bag will set you back a whopping £1750! So if you are wanting to splash the cash, the China World Mall is for you. Situated in 3 zones, the mall caters for people with lower budgets by offering western food such as KFC as well as sporting an ice rink.

So travel to Beijing and experience China’s elaborate shopping malls and great sense of style.

Jack Li
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