If you get to the Guanyu Pavilion to see the sunrise in the Kanas Lake, you can also witness how the clouds and frogs move slowly. Sometimes the cloud sea are with light similar to Buddhism light in the Mount Emei. Mount Emei is a famous attraction in Sichuan province. In August when it rains, the Kanas area is covered by thick frogs. The only thing you can see through the Guanyu Pavilion is the top peak higher than 2000 meters above the sea. When it is sunny, you can see a huge sun not far from you. During nine to ten, the sun has risen to a certain angle and the clouds look as though they are opposite to the sun. At this time a half-round light ring appears. There are seven colors in this ring. The light ring changes with the quantity of the clouds and frogs. This Buddhism light can also last for a quarter of an hour. If you happen to see it, you will never forget it. It is really that breath-taking. The Guanyu Pavilion is the best place to see this view.

Kanas Lake (Kanasi)

Jack Li

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