Changping Ditch

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The Fourth Girl Mountain consists of three ditches and one mountain. The Shuangqiao Ditch is the only ditch you can tour it by car. The Shuangqiao Ditch is famous for sightseeing tour; the Haizi Ditch is famous for adventure tours; the Fourth Girl Mountain is famous for climbing; the Changping Ditch is famous for ecotourism. The Changping Ditch is 29 kilometers long. Its total area is about 100 square kilometers. Along the ditch, there are 21 view spots in total. There are various kinds of primitive plants, which grow very well. The primitive forest is so dense that the sunray can hardly penetrate it. A stream quietly flows through the forest, which is really a beautiful picture.

The Changping Ditch is also a paradise for climbers. It is an ideal place for rock climbing and ice climbing. And it is also an important base to climb the Third Girl Mountain and The Fourth Girl Mountain. In ancient time, Changping Ditch is a battlefield. The Qing Army had fought against Jinchuan there during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty. Lama Temple is at the end of the ditch.  Through the ditch you would be arrive at Bipeng Ditch in Li County.

Four Girls Mountains

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