Changdi Dam

On September 8, 2011, in Lakes, Nature Scenery, Xinjiang, by Jack Li

Changdi Dam is in the mouth of the lake to the north of Kanas Lake in Burqin County, Xinjiang Province. The Changdi Dam is well known for there being more than one kilometer of dead wood. There used to be big pieces of driftwood in the Kanas Lake. Then some very strong wind came from a deep valley and moved it against the current. Muds in the lake deposited the wood tightly along the dam. Generally speaking, Changdi Dam is a big wood. However, it will not stay there forever. Gradually there will be some movement of wood. Nevertheless, for years the dead wood hung there on the very upper stream of the sixth gulf in the Kanas Lake. Some villagers suggest that the dead wood could be put in the fifth gulf. However, the dead wood is not the wood that needs to be moved. It is always together with the Changdi Dam. This is because when it floods in the Kanas Lake in the summer, the flood will bring more muds from the up stream to hold the dead wood even more tightly to the dam. The valley winds are also very strong and they push the driftwood together, keeping the trend of going up. As time passed by, the special landscape you see today has been formed.

Kanas Lake (Kanasi)

Jack Li

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