Cattle Gorge

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Cattle Gorge is located downstream of Mopan Dock. The Gorge draws its name from the multitude of rocks that take the shape of oxen and horses. At this location, Lijiang River splits into two minor rivers running in opposite directions, cutting the river islet into three smaller islets. Drawing inference from the vivid travel notes of famous Chinese geographer Xu Xiake, in ancient times, the waters of the river roared and tumbled against the cliffs. Today, the river only quietly murmurs. Later, the main stream was developed to accommodate sailing crafts and opened up as a channel for passenger ships. The surface of the river spreads wide and smooth with the three islets appearing to float on the river. It has become very attractive to tourists because the water here is extremely clear and calm and is a natural mirror making perfect images of the peaks. It is escorted by seven peaks at both sides of the Lijiang River resembling seven fairy ladies. A legend tells that the seven peaks are fairy girls from the heaven who took baths in the river. Enthralled by the charming scene, they stayed here and become the peaks .Green bamboo, lofty peaks and the blue sky reflected on the quiet waters create a spectacular scene. Right at the east end is the Hill of the Faithful Wife. At the hillside is a rock in the shape of woman with a baby on her back gazing far into the distance.

The Lijiang River (in Guangxi)

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