Black Dragon Pool has been famous for the water, the pool and the maidenhair tree, which are called “three wonders”. There has opened up a “Dragon Spring Watching Plum Garden” which covers an area of over 400 mu (26.67 hectares) since 1990s. Over 100 species gather in the garden which is divided into Art Plum Region, Flower Plum Region, Breed Region and Fruit Plum Region. There plant about 5000 pots of plum and then becomes one of the largest plum gardens inn China. The plum exhibition during the Spring Festival every year is a perfect delight to the eye. The world-known Kunming Plant Research Laboratory is not far away from the plum garden, and you can well appreciate the amazing scenery of “vegetable kingdom” Yunnan. The sunshine is so strong in the daytime of Kunming that you’d better take your sunscreen scream and sunglasses with you. Besides, you should drink more water and eat more fruits to prevent from dehydration.

Best time to visit Black Dragon Pool

There is neither cold winter nor hot summer in Kunming and it is as warm as spring all the year round; therefore, Kunming got the food name “Spring City”. The temperature difference is quite small, the climate is temperate plateau humid monsoon climate. The yearly average temperature of urban area is about 18℃, the average temperature of the hottest month is 19℃~22℃ while the average temperature of the coldest month is 6℃~8℃. The temperature difference of Kunming in one day is very big, which can be 12~20℃ in spring and winter, so don’ t forget to take a sweater or coat. The rainy season is from May to October, the temperature would quickly drop as soon as it rains, so remember to take a wind coat. It is appropriate to visit Kunming all the year round, but the best time to visit is from March to October, when there are most minority festivals, flowers and fruits. Therefore, you will get a lot if you come to visit at this period of time.

Black Dragon Pool Best Routes

Ancient architecture complex–Dragon Spring Watching Plum Garden–Fragrans Garden–Cuckoo Valley–Red Maple Forest–Bamboo Garden–Pine Garden–Autumn Garden–Nursery Garden

Black Dragon Pool Tickets

Opening hours: 6:00–18:00

Ticket: 20 yuan

How to get to Black Dragon Pool

Address: No612 of Longquan Road, Panlong District (near the foot of Longquan Mountain)

Tourists can take bus No 128, 76, 79, 9 in Kunming, get off at Black Dragon Pool station and then walk 89 meters to the park. There are also midibuses from the north railway station to the park.

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