Yuzi Paradise is situated in the Dabu Village of the Yanshan District in Guilin. It is a large-scale landscape art park established in 1998 by Cao Rizhang, an entrepreneur from Taiwan. The park includes 533 hectares of enchanting mountain and lake scenery dotted with marvelous artworks featuring sculptures and cave-carving works. Exhibitions, contests, and seminars on art creations are frequently held in the park, making it a world-leading creation base and holiday resort with a combination of natural beauty and rich artistic atmosphere. In 2003, Yuzi Paradise was rated “the National 4A Scenic Area”, and in 2004 it was conferred the title of “National Cultural Industry Model Base” by the Ministry of Culture.

During its construction, Mr. Cao intended it as an art museum alive with imaginative artworks set against Guilin’s picturesque landscape. He hoped that the Yuzi Paradise would be one of the most outstanding art museums. In pursuit of this goal, he chose “Protect nature and promote art” as the theme of the park that presents a harmonious picture of the typical Guilin scenery and human culture. In the Yuzi Paradise, you can appreciate the gorgeous sculptures and cave-carvings while enjoying the beautiful scenery around.

The owner of the Yuzi Paradise will continue with his effort to promote open-mindedness in artistic creation through hosting various kinds of artistic contests and active cooperation with relevant enterprises and industries. Thanks to the Yuzi Paradise, Guilin is on its way to become a notable center of modern art and culture on the international stage.

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