Since 1997, the Yuzi Paradise in Guilin has held eight international sculpture camps. 114 famous sculptors from 25 countries have created 115 sculptures of their own distinctive styles and features. For the project composition section of the Yuzi Paradise, the internationally renowned sculptor Zhu Ming from Taiwan, Artistic Director of the Yuzi Paradise Xiao Changzheng, Xiao Li from Beijing, Li Xiuqin from Hangzhou, Robert Pirrestiger from French and Eberhard Eckerle from Germany have contributed a series of exquisite works of art.

Best Seasons to Visit the Yuzi Paradise

The best seasons to visit the Yuzi Paradise are from April to October. This period of time also includes the Labor Day golden week and the National Day golden week when there is an influx of tourists in Guilin and the prices of hotels and transportation rise correspondingly. So you may choose to avoid these two periods in order to enjoy the beauty of the Yuzi Paradise at easy.

Yuzi Paradise Best Routes: (none available)

Yuzi Paradise Ticket:

Adults: RMB 80 per person

Children: RMB 30 per person (free of charge for children under 1.1 m)

Opening hours: 8:30-18:30

How to get to Yuzi Paradise

Distances from Yuzi Paradise to key locations:

32 km from the City of Guilin;

30 km from the train station and the bus station;

60 km from Liangjiang International Airport

30 km from Shuoyang (the reputed town which represents the beauty of Guilin’s sceneries)

From Guilin to Yuzi Paradise:

By car: drive for 30 km along the Guiyang Highway;

By special-line bus: 6:40-18:40 (A bus departs every 20 minutes. The bus station is in Guilin train station and the fare is around RMB 5 per person.)

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