Yuanming Yuan is located in Handian District, which is the west suburb of Beijing; it is very close to Summer Palace. Yuanming Yuan was first built in 1709 by Emperor Kangxi and consists of three main parts: Yuanming Yuan, Garden of Everlasting Spring and Garden of Ten Thousand Spring Seasons. There are over 100 garden views in Yuanming Yuan and the total area is 160,000 square meters. Yuanming Yuan is a large royal palatial garden bulit by emperors in Qing dynasty, spaning over 150 years. In October 1860, Yuanming Yuan was ransacked and burnt down by anglo-french allied armies, which became a humiliation in modern history of China.

Best time to visit Yuanming Yuan

All the year round

Yuanming Yuan Tickets

Tickets fot the main entrance: ticket offices are located at the palace gate of Yichun Yuan and the east gate of Changchun Yuan

  •  Adults: 10 yuan ;Half price: 5 yuan, students (please present student’s identity card); the old between the age of 60 to 70(present older cards or identity cards);
  • Free ticket: children under 1.2 meters; active army, disabled soldiers, families of martyr (present valid identification); the handicapped(present hanicapped certificate); local oldsters over 65 years old, nolocal oldsters over 70 or temination(present older cards, temination cards or identity cards);
  • Monthly ticket: 15 yuan foe each person each month ( on 1st to 5th day of every month, you can transact the ticket at the ticket office at Yichun Yuan, take your own picture and the base plate of monthly ticket);

European palaces sites(including Da Shui Fa, Exhibition Building and Maze)

  • Adult: 15 yuan
  • Half price: 5 yuan, students (present student’s identity card);
  • Free ticket: children under 1.2 meters; temination (present the temination card);

The panorama model exhibition of Yuanming Yuan in prosperous times 

How to get to Yuanming Yuan

  1. By subway
  • Subway line 4: get out from Exit B at Yuanming Yuan Station
  1. By bus
  • Bus No.320: Beijing west railway station–Xiyuan
  • Bus No.628: Dong bei wang zhong lu –Ganlu yuan
  • Bus No.697: Cai hu ying qiao dong—Yihe shan zhuang
  • Bus No.801: Qi jia fen—Yi he yuan bei gong men
  • Bus No.6: Beijing west railway station—Han jia chuan

Main routes to the east gate of Changchun yuan (Garden of Everlasting Spring)

  • Bus No. 664: subway Ping guo yuan Station—suburban railway Shangdi Station
  • Bus No.4: Qianmen—Guofang daxue
  • Bus No.982: the south square of Beijing west railway station—Xi bei wang bei
  • Routes to the palace gate of Yi Chun Yuan
  • Bus No. 319, 331, 432, 438, 498, 664, 690, 696, 826.

Routes to the east gate of Chang Chun Yuan

Bus No. 365,432, 656, 681, 717, 743, 814,963

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