Yes, China is Beautiful!

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China has one of the richest natural lands on the world, China is the fourth largest country on earth, and its vast territory can be divided in three big stepsthat go down from high mountains including the peak of Mount Everest, plateaus, and huge vital basins like Yangtze or Ganges rivers in the west, to a central region of medium mountains and hills, followed by to flat lands and foothills close to the eastern coast like the landscape of Hebei or Zhejiang provinces. Steppes and desserts are in the northwest including the Gobi desert and the Turpan depression. The north central of China have tundra-type vegetation and in the south there are several tropical rainforests. You definitely have to book your China Flights and China Hotels to enrich your eyes with these beautiful sites..
Practically, each piece of farmland has been developed in China and many others have been created by man, especially in the eastern seaboard of the country, to
be able to feed a fifth of the world’s population.

The economical improve of China has impacted directly in the rest of Asian economies and even in the entire world. The production of the country is supported on its abundant coal, which is an inexpensive fuel for meeting constantly increasing power necessities, but Chinese coal also produces the highest levels of greenhouse gas emissions on the world. Uncontrolled use of coal has originated in recent years some risky acid rains near to South Korea. Neighboring countries are suffering the great development of China. People are being exploited and many species are being exterminated to satisfy the Chinese market necessities.


The vast territory of China and its particular geography have created a diversity of forest types. In northern China there are large tracts of coniferous forest…

Grasslands and deserts

Half of the China’s territory is occupied by grasslands and deserts. There are productive grasslands at the north and west of China in Inner Mongolia…

Freshwater ecosystems

Freshwater ecosystems have a vital importance to China, and a great number of the people depend on wetlands for drinking water, flood control and industrial

Saltwater lakes and coastal wetlands

Around half of lakes of the country are saline and represents significant breeding grounds for waterfowl. The majority salt lakes are situated in northwestern China…

Our world holds breathtaking beauty and grace, full of life and wonder as mother  nature your China Travel through nature will unfold  charm and elegance within the extremeties of the earth. Many are moved and touched by the magnificence of our world and the wonders it brings  to mankind. Here are some of the wonders given to you by China through nature’s  phenomenons of River and Mountain: Huang He, Chang Jiang, Huang Shan, Everest and the Himalayas.

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