Yabuli Skiing resort is located in the east of the Shangzhi City, Heilongjiang Province. The skiing resorts composed with windmill mountain village, the national sports committee and the transport mountain village. It also has the green hill ski field, the communication mountain village, Yunding mountain village, Haihan mountain village and farm houses. The skiing resort is 193km from the Harbin City and 120km from the Mudanjiang City. The highest peak is 1374.8 meters high.  The average temperature is -10℃ and the lowest air temperature is -44℃. The snow period is 170 days and the ski period is 150 days. From the middle of the November to the end of the March next year is the best time to ski. Yalibu Skiing resort has complete facilities with 11 advanced ski runs. The high mountain run is the longest in Asia. There is a special round ski run for snowfield motorcycle and sled and 3 hanging chair ropeways, 3towing ropeways and 1 lifting handle type ropeway. There is also has some modern facilities for making snow, press snow. People can ski all the ski runs by the ropeways and needn’t take off your skis.


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