Wuling Mountain lies in Xinglong County, Hebei Province. It is surrounded by four cities, which are Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan and Chengde. The mountain covers an area of 14,247 hectares. The forest coverage of Wuling Mountain preserve reaches 93%. The main peak of the Wuling Mountain, 2118 metres high, is also the main peak of the Yanshan Mountains. In a temperate continental climate, it rains most in summer which is also the hottest season in the year. The winter is relatively long. Four seasons are different from each other in the Wuling Mountain. The views of the peak and the root of the mountain are also different. Sometimes peach flowers blossom at the root while in the peak it snows. Sometimes it rains a couple of days at the foot but it is sunny at the peak. This happens a lot. The annual average temperature is about 7.6°C. In the hottest month, the average temperature is 17.6°C, which makes the Wuling Mountain a popular summer resort.

The Wuling Mountain scenic zone is a national protected preserve. There are more than 1870 kinds of plants. The scenic zone is a well botanical garden, a green treasure house and a natural gene bank. The animals here are various, including Felis Pardus, Rhesus monkeys and gorals. There are four main attractions in the scenic zone with more than 100 views to see. Each year numerous visitors come here for vacation. The service facilities are fully set.

Wuling Mountain Attractions

Fairy Tower

Five Dragon Heads Scenic Spot

Lotus Service Center

Longtan Pond

Cool Boundary Scenic Spot

Wuling Mountain story

1. Fairy Tower

It was said after Liu Bowen had helped Zhu Yuanzhang become the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Liu was titled as the military adviser, but not the fairy. He was very angry about this, so he quitted the position, went to the Wuling Mountain and lived there for over ten years. In the mountain there lived a couple named White and Black Dragon. They were capable of using magic powers. One day when they had nothing to do, an evil idea came to their mind. They wanted to feel what it was like to be the emperor. So they went to the royal palace immediately and tried to attack the Emperor Yongle. Although Liu was not an official at all, he still cared about the safety of the authorities. So he went to the capital immediately to catch the White and Black Dragon. The couple was astonished by Liu Bowen. So they went back to the Wuling Mountain by the stream of the sea. When Liu Bowen came back to the capital, he blocked the steam and headed back to the Wuling Mountain again. He knew the White and Black Dragon couple would not stop. There it was. Just when Liu arrived at the south pass of the Wuling Mountain, he saw there was a big flood surging. It was the couple. They were trying to merge the capital Beijing by water. There was not too much time for Liu to think carefully. So he took out his bag and threw it into the sea. Just in a minute, there rose a tower pushing the couple down. However they would not surrender like that. They tried to move to get rid of the tower. They were so close to success when there were three fairy signs coming down right from the heaven. The three fairy magic signs tightly fixed the tower to the ground and it could not be moved at all.

The three magic signs were from the Guanyin goddess. She knew Liu Bowen would have difficulties when fighting with the Dragon couple. So she helped him. Afterwards it became a kind of blessing to tough the Fairy Tower.

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