The Wild Elephant Valley is located in the north of Mengyang Town, Jinghong City (Xishuangbanna). The wild elephants moved about most often in this area, which gives the name Wild Elephant Valley. The virgin forests here are the home of wild elephants. They often come here bathing, seeking for food or playing in the water. China has long been an elephant producing country. However, with the enlargement of the human inhabitant area and gradual changes of the natural environment, there are only about 300 Asian elephants living in the virgin forests of Xishuangbanna. Here naturally becomes the best place for wild elephants to stay and live. In 1990, the government began to set up a forest park and open to visitors in 1996, with viewing the wild elephants and the tropical rain forests as the theme of the park. The houses for watching wild elephants are all built uniquely on the trees, so visitors can watch the elephants closely, and the visitors are quite interested in this kind of buildings. When watching the elephants, you can stay next to the various birds, and meanwhile the pleasure of enjoying the butterfly garden, 2 wonderful elephant shows everyday will all give you a lasting memory about your trip to Xishuangbanna. The wild Chinese elephants live in the equatorial forest of Xishuangbanna of Yunnan Province. Wild Elephants Valley is the place in Xishuangbanna where wild elephants move about most often and frequently. Convenient in traffic, distinctive in equatorial forest landscape and easy to see wild elephants, it has become the popular tourist site in Xishuangbanna. Here also holds the first elephant training school. The tamed ones can bow and nod to give the visitors a warm welcome. Visitors can have a fun ride on the elephants’ backs or trunks. Even a massage by those huge but amicable animals!

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