Wanfo Peak

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Wanfo Peak is the highest peak of Mount Emei. The height of the Wanfo Peak above sea level is three thousand and nighty-nine meters. In Chinese, ‘Wanfo’ means the mountain is protected by ten thousand Buddhas. Wanfo Peak area is very natural and ecological. The attractions include; Wanfo Pavilion, Cuckoo Wood, Black Bear Gulf and much more. The Wanfo Pavilion is twenty-one meters high. It is magnificent and solemn. There is an ancient bell on the top floor of the pavilion. It is said that’s the bell people can make a wish by striking it. There are some rules about the striking times. Usually the bell is stroked one hundred and eight times. It is said in Buddhism that one hundred and eight times of striking will help people get rid of worries and anxieties. The bell is on the top of the Wanfo Peak. The Wanfo Peak is the highest place in Mount Emei. That makes the bell the highest one on the mountain. There is also a gold Buddhist statue in the Wanfo Peak. It is the highest Buddhist statue in the world. The statue is forty-eight meters high and six hundred and sixty tons in weight. It is made of a stage and ten Buddha statues. The stage is six meters high, twenty-seven meters long, and twenty-seven meters wide. The appearances of the ten Buddha statues are decorated by granite relieves. The ten Buddha statues weigh 350 tons.

Mount Emei (Emei Shan)

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