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Tsupu Monastery is located in upper reaches of Tsupu River, which is 60 kilometers away from Lhasa. Tsupu Monastery is the main monastery of Tibetan Buddhism Ge Ma Ge Ju sect in Tibet, with a history of 800 years. It is said that this religious sect first created the reincarnation system; from then on, leaders of Tibetan Buddhism began to believe in mysticism. There are a great number of rare cultural relics treasured up in Tsupu Monastery, such as the 16th Karmapa Sariputra. The 16th Karmapa got cremation after achieveing parinirvana abroad and turned to be sariputra, which was brought back to Tsupu Monastery by a living buddha called Zhu Benren Boqie. This sariputra turned into a buddha statue with a height of 0.25 centimeters.

Best time to visit Tsupu Monastery

Lhasa is located in the north of the Himalayas. Affected by the downward flow, the weather is often fine with little rainfall. There is neither severe cold in winter nor intense heat in summer, having the plateau monsoon semiarid climate. The highest temperature is 29 centi degrees while the lowest temperature is subzero 16.5 centi degrees; the yearly average temperature is 7.4 centi degrees. Rainfalls mainly come in July, August and September and the yearly precipitation is about 500 millimeters. The yearly sunshine time is over 3008 hours, which gives Lhasa a name “the city of sunlight”. The best time to visit Lhasa is July, August and September.

Tsupu Monastery Tickets

Opening time: 9:00–14:00

Ticket price: Tibetan people are free of charge while each tourist should pay 40 yuan.

Visiting time: If you arrive at 12:00, two hours are quite enough, but the whole journey takes one day.

How to get to Tsupu Monastery

1. In the western flower nursery of Jokhang Temple, there are midibuses which depart at 7:00-8:00am, cost 15 yuan and return at 15:00. You can also rent a jeep car at Lhasa, which costs 200-300 yuan.

2. No accommodation is provided in Tsupu Monastery, therefore, you’d better not miss the only return bus at 15:00. However, there are many schoolhouses in villages that you can get accommodation along the way back. The scenery is so beautiful on the way that you can try to walk first, and then take free riding to return Lhasa on halfway.

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