For one exiciting part of China Tours, the snow mountain plays a significant role. Unlike the tours to modern cities such as Beijing or Shanghai, the trip to snow mountain could be rather unique and unforgettable. So, get a cheap ticket from China flights to come and have an amazing journey.

In fact, Meili mountain locates in the boarder between Tibet and Yunnan province. It is also a place for the famous three rivers-Jingsha, Mekong and Salwen. In total, there are 20 peaks with permeant snow. Among them, the highest point of Meili mountain is Khawakarpo (or Moirigkawagarbo, Khawa Karpo) which is 6,740 meters above the sea level.

At the same time, Khawakarpo is one of the most scared mountains for Tibeaten buddhism. Actually local residents believe that if humans set foot on the peak, it will make the mountain unholly and disasters might follow.


Meili Mountain is quite mysterious not only for its gorgeous scene but also for it remains as a mountain has not been climbed by people. Desipte the local’s belief, there is a sad story about Meili Mountain. Between 1990 and 1991, a combined climbing team of Japanese and Chinese tried to reach Khawakarpo. On January 1, 1991, an avalanche happened in the nighttime and killed all 17 climbing members of the team. After that, the Japanese climbing club made another attempt which remained unsuccessful. In 2001, local government banned all future climbing activities. Hence, Meili mountain  remains a mountain which human have not reached its top.

Beautiful Sunrise

For common visitors, it is really valuable to see the beautifull sunrise of Meili mountain. When the sun comes out, the snow-covered mountain peaks will change the colour into gold. It could be considered as one of the most beautiful scene on earth. At the same time, tourists could view gorgeous Shangri-la landscape.  Meili mountain lies in the heart of Shangri-la which considers to be a piece of pure land. In fact, Meili mountain is considered as the pure and scared symbol. The gorgeous scene of Meili mountain is something that visitors shall never forget in their lives. Meanwhile, visitors could also experience the rich culture of Shangri-la area.

For the beautiful Meili mountain scene, you can book a flight from China Airlines and explore the unique and mysterious beauty which you will never forget.






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