The Longtan Pond

On August 26, 2011, in Beijing, Mountain Areas, Waterfalls & Pools, by Jack Li

The Longtan Pond is the biggest valley in the Yanshan Mountains. It is famous for the Longtan cataract whose waterfall reaches 55 metres. There are four attractions and three gates in the Wuling Mountain Forest Garden. The Longtan Pond is one of the four attractions. It lies in the northwest of the garden. The pond is well-known for the thirty-two spots such as Jingxiu Peak, Pomo Peak, Yuxiong Peak, Songyun Peak, Jiangjun Peak, Hukou Waterfull, Goddess Cliff and Kiwi Fruit Garden. The waterfall in the Longtan Pond is like a big white ribbon. The sound of the waterfall is like thumb and drum, echoing around the valley. If you arrive here at the hottest time, you will feel so cool that it doesn’t feel like it was summer at all. There is another waterfall named Hukou 1.5 kilometres underneath the Longtan cataract. It does not have such a steep waterfall, but the Hukou waterfall is very special. It is water column that pours down there. The cliffs in the two sides of the waterfall are very steep. Visitors may take the stone steps to go up and appreciate views. The Jiangjun Peak is up there. ‘Jiangjun’ in Chinese means ‘general’. The Longtan pond is like a water pot that takes water from the Miyun Reservior to the capital Beijing. The peaks are special, the cliffs are steep, and the forests are green. These views form a beautiful picture. When you go around the Longtan Pond, you can feel that nature is amazing and stunning.

Wuling Mountain (Wulingshan)

Jack Li

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