The Imperial Garden

On August 12, 2011, in Beijing, Forbidden City, Historical Relics, by Jack Li

Located on the axle wire of Forbidden City, the Imperial Garden is in the rear of Palace of Earthly Tranquility.  Built in 1420(Ming dynasty), and initially named “Gonghouyuan” (Garden in the Harem), it was called as “the Imperial Garden” from Qing dynasty.   In spite of many renovations and extensions, its original basic format is still preserved at present.  The 80m long and 140m wide garden covers an area of 12,000㎡.  Its main construction——Hall of Imperial Peace is situated on the axle wire from south to north.  Centered on it, other spacious pavilions and pagodas are built stretching to its two sides.  Depending on its ingenuity and compact form, the typical imperial garden is so appaling that it has been a must—see in the Palace Museum.  Ancient cypresses, Chinese scholar trees, exotic flowers and rare herbs add beauty; pavilions and pagodas enhance the garden’s magnificence; stone paths in a shape of a flower crisscross all over the garden.  All the picturesque sceneries make the garden not only refined and peaceful, but also grand and glorious.  In ancient times, it used to be a nice place for the emperors’ leisure.  Besides, activities such as ascent and moon—gazing were held there.

The Palace Museum

Jack Li
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