The Hanging Fall

On August 22, 2011, in Other Regions, Shanxi, Waterfalls & Pools, by Jack Li

Hukou Waterfall in the middle reaches of the Yellow River flowing rapidly into the QinJin grand canyon is created by nature. Close to Ji Couty, Linfen, Shanxi Province at the east end and near Yichuan County, Yan An, Shaanxi Province at the west end, the waterfall is 40 km away from Yichuan County and about 25 km away from southwestern Ji County. The width of the waterfall measures up to 50 m, the depth also measures 50m, and the largest area covers up to 30,000 m2, making it the second largest waterfall in China following the Huangguoshu Falls in Guizhou Province. The over 300 m wide rolling waters are suddenly narrowed down by the high mountains and cliffs by both sides. Underneath the river a huge trench, 30 m wide and 50m deep, was formed gradually due to the power of the rushing currents. The water drops from great heights, as a result, people can hear the roaring and thundering sound far away from the scenic spot. Ke Shouliang, entitled as the Asian Flier, drove his car across the Hukou Waterfall successfully; and Zhu Chaohui, a brave man who won the name of Young Hero of Huanghe also flied across it by driving a motorcycle. The waterfall is very beautiful, especial in spring and autumn, when the sun shines over the water mist, giving rise to colorful rainbows. Believe it or not, you will glue your eyes to this wonderful Hukou Waterfall!

Hukou Waterfall

Jack Li

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