Throughout my China Tours I have encountered many different challenges. Amongst all the cultural shocks, language barriers and heat waves, nothing could have prepared me for what was to come when coming face to face with the Great Wall of China. Travelling from my Beijing Hotel a minibus took a group of 10 of us to this historic, world famous landmark amidst the wilderness of Huairou County, which is 70km northeast of Beijing.


There are many places on the great wall to visit however the best-preserved section of the wall is in Mutianyu. It possesses the most picturesque scenery and very unique and distinctive characteristics that are not a part of the wall in other areas. The Mutianyu section of the Great Wall used to serve as the northern barrier defending the capital and the imperial tombs.

Being a more touristic part of the great wall there is a nice ambiance around this part of the great wall. Surrounded by people from all around the world makes you realize how big this must see attraction is. There are a range of routes that you can take to explore many areas of the wall. Each route allows you to experience something new, different and exciting.


By taking the cable cart up to the wall you witness some of the never-ending scenery that surrounds the wall. As the ascend increases the mountains and hills begin to reveal the glory of the great wall. The moment is breathtaking. The granite wall stands amongst the greenery of the surrounding trees. The magic of the wall is enchanting and its beauty sends you into an awe of appreciation.

At this part of the wall there is a denser number of watch towers which almost act as checkpoints along the length of the wall. With a total number of 23 spanning a distance of 2,250m there is a lot of wall to see. From tower six to one is claimed to be the scenic and best for taking photos. Hence, it proves to be a popular choice for most tourists. The walk between these towers seems easy, but the way in which the wall has aged and deteriorated makes the journey no easy task. The irregular steps along the way make the journey a physical challenge for all. The height of the task increases further if you visit the day during the peak of the summer blaze. Nevertheless, the rewards of reaching the final tower (tower one) are priceless. The views from this area of the wall show its spectacular beauty amongst the encasing foliage.

This area of the wall is also popular for its toboggan journey down. This slide takes you down back down to the bottom of the hills via a winding metal track. This is a fun activity although your safety is in your hands!


Overall the great wall is a must see and if you are in china it is an opportunity that should be grasped with both hands. So if your looking for something to do, something that will last a lifetime in your memory, book your China Flights, and experience some of the delight china has to offer.


Jack Li

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