The Temple of Heaven is located on the east side of the Yongdingmengnei Street, Chongwen District. The Temple of Heaven is the place where ancient Chinese emperors held ceremonies to worship heaven. It started to be built in 1420 (Ming Dynasty) and completed in the Qing Dynasty. It covers 2,730,000 m2 with main buildings like The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, Circular Mound Altar, the Imperial Vault of Heaven, the Hall of Abstinence, the Office of Devine Music and the Imperial Stable. It opened as a public park in 1918.

Best time to visit Temple of Heaven

All year round

Temple of Heaven tickets

Tickets Price (Yuan)
Off season Peak season
Entrance ticket 10 15
Half price entrance ticket 5 8
Full-access ticket 30 35
Attractions Hall of Abstinence& Office of Devine Music 10 10
Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest& Circular Mound Altar

& Echo Wall

20 20
Monthly pass 15 15


  1. Free: children under 1.2m
  2. Free: on Children’s Day for kindergarten and elementary school children. Teachers of the groups are free if the number of the teachers is less than 10% of the students (Attractions not included).
  3. Free: disabled, veterans, servicemen, retired cadres, model worker above provincial level, Beijing Garden Inspectors, Association of Landscape members (Attractions not included).
  4. Half price: middle school and college students, international students except students from adult education programs (Attractions not included)
  5. Half price: group visit on Women’s Day and Youth Day with company warrant (Attractions not included)
  6. Half Price: 70+ seniors (Attractions not included)

How to get to Temple of Heaven

The east gate:

Bus 6, 34, 35, 36, 39,41, 43, 60, 116, 610, 707, 723, 743, 958, 957 at East gate of Temple of Heaven Station

The south gate:

Bus 36 (loop line), 53, 120, 122, 525, 610, 800, 803, 958 at South gate of Temple of Heaven Station

The west gate:

Bus 2, 7, 15, 69, 17, 20, 105, 707, 729, 826 at West gate of Temple of Heaven Station

The north gate

Bus 6, 34, 35, 36 (loop line), 110, 106, 687, 707, 743 at North gate of Temple of Heaven Station

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