Sun Island

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The Sun Island is located in the north bank of the Songhua River of Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China. This is a famous tourism resort in China and is a national 5A level scenic spot. It covers an area of 88 square meters. Here are two legends about the Sun Island. The first is people said the island is a round island and the shape looks like the sun, so called the Sun Island. The second story about the island is people said the island was covered with clean silver sand. Under the sunlight, the island was very hot, so called the Sun Island. The scenery is beautiful because of the Songhua River around the island. In spring, the trees are turning green and the birds singing make people don’t want to leave here. In summer, the cool place has colorful flowers and many singing insects. In autumn, here has fresh air and golden leaves. In winter, it is very cold here, but you can see the ice sculptures and snow view. All the trees will cover white snow and look very beautiful. The four seasons have different sceneries. So the Sun Island famous for “the scenery is more beautiful than the south region in China.” In July 2009, the “Oriental Paris” – Sun Island is awarded the “the United Nations Dwelling Environment Prize” and it is the only place to have this reputation.


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