Sudong Water Cave is located in Sudong Village, 7 km away from Guanyang County and known as the “supreme water cave of the world.” The well-preserved stalactites in the cave are of different shapes and forms. Visitors can breathe clean, cool air and travel by raft through clear waters, enjoying the sight of fishes.

Best Time to visit Sudong Water Cave

The prime time to visit is April or May. Besides the spectacular displays within the cave, visitors can enjoy the spring scenery outside the cave, especially the Shangri-la Xiaolong village.

Sudong Water Cave tickets

Open time: 9:00-20:00

Adult ticket: 30 Yuan

Children’s ticket: 15 Yuan

How to get to Sudong Water Cave

  1. By Electromobile or bike
  2. Car: (Dao County to Guanyang County)

Dao County Roundabout 220m—turn right to get into S323—drive 33.6km on S323—head straight to get on to S302—drive 23.5km on S302—turn left to get on to S201—drive 27km on S201—Guanyang County

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