Songshan National Nature Reserve is on the southern side of Mount Haituo in Yanqing County of Beijing in the Jundu area of the Yanshan Mountain Range. It borders with Huailai County and Chicheng County of Hebei Province on the west and the north, and neighbours Valley Fo of Zhangshanying Township and Shuiyu Village in Yanqing County on the east and south. The reserve contains the only natural pinus tabulaeformis forest in Northern China as well as the secondary natural broad-leaved forest native to the Northern China. It has a high forest coverage rate and also has a variety of wildlife. Being the best-preserved forest ecosystem in northwest Beijing, it plays a significant part in water conservation, resisting sandstorm and air purification.

The Best Seasons to Visit Songshan Nature Reserve

Beijing is on the northern edge of the North China Plain and has a typical warm temperate sub-humid continental monsoon climate. The year is divided into four seasons of distinctive features of their own. The annual average temperature is 11.8 degrees Celsius. In January, the coldest month of the year, the average temperature is -4.6 degrees Celsius; in July, the hottest month of the year, the average is 26.1 degrees Celsius. Spring and autumn is the perfect seasons to visit Beijing because the weather is mild and pleasant. Autumn in particular is called “the Golden Beijing” because it is cool and clear. Therefore, come and visit Songshan Reserve in April, May, September and October. If you decide to come in winter, make sure to bring your sweaters and coats because it can be really cold outside though there is indoor heating. You can also get weather forecast from newspaper, radio and TV programmes, or dial 859 to check it out (Service in English available). Since most of the tourist attractions in Beijing are historical relics and local customs which can be little affected by weather condition, you can visit Beijing almost anytime you want. Besides, travel agencies and hotels tend to charge less in low seasons and you may save a lot.

Songshan Nature Reserve Routes (none available)

Songshan Nature Reserve Ticket:

RMB 50 per person

Songshan Nature Reserve Transportation

80 minutes by car by way of Beijing-Badaling Highway

(1) Take bus 919 to Yanqingnancaiyuan, and 920 to Zhangshanying. If you need a taxi, go to the taxi station about five km from the Songshan ticket office.

(2) Take the train at Xizhimen Station and get off at Yanqingnan.

(3) Other bus, coach companies and some travel agencies also provide transportation service to Songshan.

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